I'm a Hanna Somatic Educator for Horses and Riders, a horse trainer and connection-building specialist, function-obsessed posture coach, science-loving self-care activist, passionate soil-builder, expert-explainer and logicist, book-lover, martini-maker, limit-pusher and a cheese-loving-plant-based mama.

I believe that Hanna Somatics is the ‘missing link’ to horses and riders living their dreams of being pain-free, in love and harmony with their partners, and fully able to be their best, healthiest and most expressive selves. I want to share these secrets with you so you can unwind the tension that is holding you back and start living your best life, and riding your best ride, today!
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Join me for a fun convo on the neuro-physiology of working with horses + riders somatically: Whole Horse Podcast Episode 62

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This is the vanguard, the forefront, the sharp edge of the wedge... where I share my overflowing mind-vault with you. Warning, I'm a total science nerd and research nut, and I'm driven to share what I learn! Tips and training strategies, embodiment practices, DIY health hacks, horses I'm working with and what they are teaching me, secrets to finding deeper connection with other beings, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into my fun and funky life with a matched pair of toddlers. Oh, and ponies!
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Fortified with over 25 years of experience, hands-on practice with hundreds of horses and riders (I never teach what I haven't practiced), and crafted to suit any rider, no matter your training or fitness level, my courses will reveal the science behind my success and the secrets I've painstakingly discovered that allow me to instantly connect with any horse, and to help everyone I work with (horse, dog or human) find more ease, freedom, suppleness and satisfaction out of this wild equestrian life we live.

The sessions with Alissa were truly AMAZING!

After working with her personally for human awareness, I now see how important both the horse AND human sides are!

Do it ALL! You won’t regret it!

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